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Moving from Hyderabad to Bangalore?

Author: Amit Phalke

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Hyderabad and Bangalore have many things in common.

Both these cities are in South India. Both are capital cities. And both have a booming IT industry.

Although both of these cities have some similarities, life in Hyderabad and Bangalore is radically different. To start with, property rates in Bangalore are much higher than that in Hyderabad. Also, the first language in Hyderabad is Telugu while the first language of Bangalore is Kannada.

Due to many such differences, while moving to Bangalore from Hyderabad, it is best to know about a few things before you move


You will get all types of cuisines in Bangalore. So if you can’t do without the food you’re used to then you don’t have to worry. You get all Indian cuisines like Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Rajasthani etc. You will also get international cuisines like Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Italian etc. International fast food chains like KFC, Mcdonalds, Subway etc. can be found everywhere in the city quite easily, too.

Job opportunities

There are ample of job opportunities in Bangalore. Due to the booming IT industry the city is also known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the east. Off late, Bangalore has also become a hub for startups. Switching jobs is also not a big deal here.


Bangalore has one of the best educational institutions in India. The standard of education in Bangalore is very high as compared to other states in India. Students from India and all over the world seek admission in institutes like Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Information Technology in Bangalore.

Women Safety

Bangalore is quite safe for women. The roads in the city don’t get too deserted until after 11 pm. Commuting by public transport is also very convenient and safe. In fact, some public transport is operated by women themselves.

Public Transport

Transport system in Bangalore is pretty efficient. BMTC is a bus service which runs throughout the city which carries lakhs of people around in a day. Other than that there are private buses which also run around the city and is a means of transport for thousands of people. Apart from buses you can easily find cabs, auto rickshaws till midnight.

No Language Barrier

While relocating to a new city or state, the most immediate problem people come across is language barrier. But in Bangalore, as the literacy rate is high, most people can understand English. Even cab drivers and rickshaw drivers can understand English if not speak fluently. Even Hindi is widely spoken in Bangalore. Also, since Bangalore has people from all parts of the country living there, finding someone who speaks the same language as you do isn’t very difficult.

Traffic congestion

One of the biggest problems in Bangalore is traffic congestion. Reaching a place which is otherwise only a few minutes away, might take hours sometimes. So, always keeps this in mind and try to leave early.

Shopping malls

There are many shopping malls in Bangalore. So, weather you need grocery, clothing, household items, you will find them easily.

These are a few things to keep in mind before you move to Bangalore. Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city so settling here isn’t very difficult.

The best way to adjust to life in a new city comfortably, is to read up about the city as much as you can.

Packers and movers experts at Glovve have put together a detailed city guide for moving to Bangalore.

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