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Important things to look out for when choosing a moving company

Author: Amit Phalke

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They say moving homes is one of the most difficult task you’ll ever do as an adult.

As someone who has been in the moving business for years, we totally agree with that.

Having someone experienced help and guide you through the process makes it a lot more simpler. But how do you know you’ve chosen the right relocation agency?

With a plethora of options available and everyone claiming to be the ‘best in the business,’ it gets quite difficult to make the right decision.

We’ve listed out a few points here which should simplify the job for you.

Looking out for these 5 crucial things when selecting a moving company will help you know what you’re signing up for, and won’t leave you disappointed in the end.

1. Are they licensed?

This is the first and the most important thing you should look for when shortlisting movers and packers. If you’ve ever tried searching for moving companies online, you’ve probably come across a number of fake agencies. The sad part is, it is getting increasingly difficult for customers to distinguish the real ones from the fake ones. The best way to deal with this is to hire a moving company through a reputed aggregator who guarantees a safe, secure and a reliable moving experience.

2. How long have they been in business?

Experience makes one perfect. This holds true for moving agencies too. Having spent a lot of years in the business is sure to have helped them get better at what they do. Which is why, it is safe to assume that the longer they have been in business, they better they are.

Important things to look out for when choosing a moving company

3. Look for affiliations

Looking for affiliations like FIDI, The International Association of Movers,BSI etc. make sure that you’re getting quality service. To get these affiliations, companies have to meet certain standards. By opting for a company affiliated with these, you can rest assured that you aren’t moving with an inexperienced moving company that might end up damaging your stuff or be unable to handle the pressure on the moving day.

4. What do their past customers have to say about them?

It’s always best to know what people who’ve used their services in the past have to say about them. Simply relying on their website or what they tell you about themselves isn’t a wise idea. Look out for testimonials on the website, social media pages and other forums to get a clear picture before making the decision.

Important things to look out for when choosing a moving company

5. Ask for an estimate

Once you have everything else sorted and you’ve shortlisted a few companies you’d be comfortable moving with, call them up and ask for an estimate. Ideally, they would request to visit your house before giving you an estimate. It is only after getting a clear idea of how much luggage you’d be taking with you will they be able to give you a moving quote. Based on the estimates you get, you can decide which company you’d like to move with.

Moving sure is a tedious process, but it doesn’t need to be a horrific experience. If you’re smart about choosing a moving company, your home shifting can actually turn into a fun experience that the whole family will fondly remember. At Glovve, this is what we aim to achieve. Get in touch with us to experience the smartest and simplest way to move in India.

Also, let us know in the comments below if this article helped make the process of choosing a moving company any simpler for you. We’d be delighted to know.

How to hire a professional moving company

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6 steps to choose the best moving company

1. Fill in the details of your home move

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4. Choose the packers and movers who best fits your budget and expectations

5. Book and track your move online

6. Gain from Glovve guarantees against moving delays and damage to your items.

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Read our FAQs on moving to understand the benefits of moving with Glovve's Packers and Movers.

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