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Hire the best packers and movers for furniture shifting

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You’ve built your home with a lot of love and care. When it’s time to move, it is natural to be worried about all your precious household goods.

5 tips to keep your furniture safe during a relocation

1. Use foam paddings

Wooden furniture is delicate and can get scratches and cracks pretty easily. Wrapping your furniture with foam paddings or even a blanket will keep it safe when moving.

2. Don’t use bubble wrap

Since you’re using bubble wrap for packing almost everything, it is obvious to assume that you can use it for your furniture, too. But it’ll actually do your furniture more harm than good.

Wooden furniture needs air supply and space to breath. If you are moving long distance, it can be especially harmful.

Wooden furniture is usually packed using paper or cloth packaging material. Never plastic.

3. Keep the furniture legs and corners extra safe

Furniture legs are usually attached using glue or nails. When moving, be extra careful to not hold the furniture with the leg. It can come off easily.

Also, when shifting furniture out of the house or loading – unloading, corners are most likely to get damaged.

Use extra padding if needed. If the furniture is too heavy, use an extra pair of hands.

4. In the moving truck, don’t place anything on top of wooden furniture

To save space in the moving truck, you might be tempted to stack other articles on top of your wooden furniture. While this might definitely save space, it’ll also end up damaging your furniture. You don’t want that happening, do you?

5. Let your movers and packers take the final call

You might read as many articles on the internet as you please, but nothing can beat the expertise of the professional packers and movers you hire.

If they’re doing something a certain way, it is obviously because they know better. Ask them questions if you’re concerned about something. But never forget, they are professionals and are trained to do what they’re doing. When in doubt, it is always best to trust your relocation company.

Looking for packers and movers for damage-free furniture shifting?

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How to hire professional packers and movers for furniture shifting

6 steps to choose the best packers and movers for furniture shifting

1. Fill in the details of your home move

2. Get instant estimates from verified packers and movers from your city

3. Compare mover prices. Check packers and movers' profiles, reviews, and ratings.

4. Choose the packers and movers who best fits your budget and expectations

5. Book and track your move online

6. Gain from Glovve guarantees against moving delays and damage to your items.

Save grief with trusted packers and movers for furniture shifting

1. Why would you move with unknown, unverified furniture shipping companies?

2. Why would you risk damage, or loss to your precious furniture when you shift?

3. Why should you put up with delays from furniture shifting companies?

4. Why would you choose half a moving service when you can get the complete moving services at Glovve?

Read our FAQs on moving to understand the benefits of moving with Glovve's Packers and Movers.

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