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Move tension-free from Delhi to Bangalore

Author: Dipesh More

Bangalore is a city Karnataka, India. It is 2166 kilometres away from Delhi. Bangalore is known as the Silicone Valley of India.

One of the major reasons people move to Bangalore is for better job opportunities. After Pune, Bangalore has the maximum number of IT companies in India.

In 2011, it was assumed that 1000 people move here every day. As of 2017, Bangalore is the 5th most populated city in India.

With so many people from different parts of the country moving to Bangalore each year, Bangalore is a culturally diverse city. Living in Bangalore, it isn’t difficult to find someone who speaks the same language as you do or hails from the same town as you.

Moving from Delhi to Bangalore, you won’t experience a major culture shock.

However, here are 5 interesting facts about Bangalore you’d be interested in

1. Did you know that Bangalored is an actual term?

Bangalore is popular as the IT hub of India all across the world. A lot of American companies outsource work to companies in Bangalore. Every time a software engineer in USA loses his job or is slacked from a project because it was outsourced to India, the Americans joke that they’ve been Bangalored.

2. Bangalore is the Pub capital of India

Craving a drink or some good food after a hard day at work? Unwind at one of the many pubs in Bangalore. Pubs here are open till 11pm. Whether you are alone or with a group of friends, stepping out late at night isn’t unsafe in this city.

3. Bangalore is also the Fashion capital of the East

Everyone knows about the many IT companies in Bangalore. But did you know that there are as many fashion companies in Bangalore as Paris?

4. There are more than 200 lakes in Bangalore

…or at least, there used to be. The sad part is, it is difficult to spot most of them today. They’ve been replaced by bus stands, Golf courses or hidden by land encroachments. But thanks to the many lakes, the city has an amazing drainage and sanitation system.

5. Beware of stray dogs

For every 37 humans there is one stray dog in Bangalore. Every 5 minutes, a human is bitten by a stray dog. That’s how many stray dogs can be found in this city.

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